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GIC’s family business and family office consulting practice is based on George Isaac’s more than forty years of experience working with multigenerational family businesses. Our primary focus is helping our clients manage, grow and perpetuate their family businesses.

By putting people at the center of our process and conducting interviews with both active and passive stakeholders, we’ll establish a baseline knowledge of the inner workings of your business before we even begin to talk solutions. By understanding the current challenges and obstacles, we’re able to work together with families and business leadership to develop a customized strategy that meets current and future objectives while securing a lasting framework for success.

How We Can Help   

  • Family dynamics assessment and improvement strategies including individual coaching
  • Business and family governance (assessment/development of board of directors/advisors, family council, family meetings, and family charter/constitution)
  • Transition planning and succession management
  • Business wealth realization and asset protection | wealth perpetuation planning | generational ownership transfer & estate planning
  • Business strategy and operating performance improvement
  • Current and next-generation family training programs
  • Executive and management team coaching
  • Board of advisors participation

“Your ability to understand and communicate complex issues and work well with each member of our family and our outside advisors has been critical in helping us implement significant improvements.”

Ted Romano, Gen 2 Board Member & Director of Development, Romano Business Ventures

“The experience [you] brought in transitioning our complex business to Gen 3 along with [your] knowledge of the tangible and intangible aspects of multiple-generational family businesses got us to exactly what we wanted to achieve.”

Kyle Lawrence, Gen 3 President Speedy Q Markets

“…your congenial, gregarious personality combined with a laser-like focus on facts and analysis gives you the unparalleled ability to question and improve business without appearing to question or threaten management.”

S. Randy Lampert, President, Lampert Debt Advisor

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