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Family Training

Family member education is absolutely essential to the longevity and success of your business, especially during generational transitions. The older generation has the benefit of experience while the younger generation brings other skill sets and knowledge to the table, but unanticipated knowledge gaps can disrupt continuity and your family business’s future growth and success.

To help bridge any gaps and create a more informed and prepared family stakeholder group, GIC can assess the overall capabilities of family employees and board members and develop tailored training programs for family stakeholders. From governance to family dynamics, to the basics of enterprise finance, George Isaac’s in-person boot camps and webinar modules can help strengthen your family member’s skills and contributions to the family enterprise.

What You’ll Learn   

  • Critical initiatives for family business success, growth & longevity
  • Principles of family dynamics and family business governance
  • Developing a living succession plan for multigenerational family business continuity
  • Reading and understanding financial statements
  • Basics of financial and operation analysis
  • Principles of investment management
  • Principles of real estate management
  • Other family business modules (developed upon request)

Comments from training program participants and university classroom students:   

  • “I learned more today than I would in two weeks of school”
  • “Modules were clear and easy to follow”
  • “I used to look at the bottom line‚ but there is so much more to grasp to see where your business is heading”
  • “[George] presented very well and felt that he had a contemporary approach and not too stuffy”
  • “I learned more from his book than I have reading other textbooks”
  • “I recommend using it for future courses as well”
  • “[George’s] book has great points and is really helpful to business students…great formatting and structure”
  • “George Isaac’s book has been really helpful and relevant to this class; he provides a lot of valuable first-hand experience”
  • “I would also recommend this book for someone who does not have a degree in business”
  • “I learned a lot from George speaking with us and really appreciated it. I love his textbook because it was an easy read and had great examples that were easy to follow”

“We gathered 42 family members from gen 3, 4, and 5 for a daylong training. Your quality of work [was] exceptional and your extensive experience in family enterprise management shows… we appreciate [your] genuine care and sensitivity to individual family stakeholder needs.”

Liz Coolidge, TBI Board Member and Family Council Officer

“As a direct result of [George’s] consulting, we have implemented many important initiatives including…improved family dynamics and communication/transparency among family members…It has been a pleasure working with [George] and I look forward to continuing our relationship as a trusted advisor.”

Ted Romano, Gen 2 Board Member & Director of Development, Romano Business Ventures

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